I take a form of cartoons, but I know these are not interesting. Cartoons need exciting points, but every cartoon does not have the point. Therefore please they are "what kind of experience the chair of NSC experinenced in FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI ACCIDENT." I was a researcher who had the custom to write objectively showing evidence. So I use cartoons to show my personal impressions and the bad-mouth. I would like the comics if a reader wants to argue.

The cartoons are "Priminister's office, etc.", "Media correspondence" and "At the diet." These cartoons need a minimum knowledge of "Nuclear engineering" and "Emergency countermeasure at nuclear accident." Please read if you do not have the knowledge.

In the cartoons, a man without the face comes out. I am still suffering PTSD, therefore I feel sick when I think his face. I am sure you know who he is, so please imagine his face.


Roles of NSC
Fundamentals of nuclear engineering
Emergency countermeasures

If you already have a minimum knowledge, please skip these.

New cartoons

At Priminister's office, etc.
At the Diet
Countermeasure for media